Market Updates March 2019

It’s Citrus Season What exactly is a pomelo? What is the best orange to make marmalade with? Watch our Facebook Video as Murray shares about it among all the different citrus fruit we have in at our market! ⁣ Featured in this video is: ⁣ ?Pomelo – A grapefruit crossed between a grapefruit & orange!⁣ ?Grapefruit – Similar to Pomelo, … Read More

Market Updates

Recipe: Turmeric Gold Honey Granola TOTAL TIME: 24 mins PREP: 8 mins YIELD: 6 cups Ingredients: 4 cups rolled oats ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup cashews chopped ¼ cup pumpkin seeds Handful dried cranberries 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon 2 tablespoons dried coconut 1⁄3 cup oil (coconut oil works really well) 2⁄3 cup Turmeric Gold Honey 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract Directions: … Read More

Market Update

Will you be my Valentine? This special day is coming up quickly. We’ve shared some of our favourite sweets and gifts here at our market to celebrate! ⁣ B.C. grown tulips are coming back for the season! Red, pink, yellow, orange and more are available at our market for just $2.99/bundle. We also have Flower Bouquets available too!⁣ Cupcakes by … Read More

Vendors Sampling at 1 Year Anniversary Event

We are pleased to announce the attendance of 5 local vendors who will be sharing samples at our 1 Year Anniversary Event! Start by enjoying freshly grilled, locally produced, Stapleton Sausages served by Maria. Then head over to see Veronica of Veronica’s Perogies to pair with your sample of sausage! Yumm, so much local goodness and flavour. Enjoy a warm … Read More

Market Updates

Hear from REEL Mac & Cheese REEL Mac & Cheese along with Dutchlicious Catering will be on location at our market for our 1 Year Anniversary Event! “REEL Mac and cheese offers gourmet, made from scratch macaroni and cheese with a variety of movie themed menu items. We have been in the mobile food biz for over ten years having … Read More

Learn about: Blender Bites, Fatso Peanut Butter and Route 18

Get back on track! Blender Bites Choose from two blends, greens and berries or greens and tropicals. Blender Bites was born one morning as their founder, Chelsie finally got tired of all the time it took to make her daily smoothie. She would be running out the door in the morning with an empty stomach because it was too daunting … Read More

Lentil and Bone Broth Risotto Recipe

Lentil and Bone Broth Risotto Recipe Recipe, courtesy of Pure Bone Broth If you’ve ever watched Top Chef then you know risotto carries a ton of baggage in the culinary world. Every season we’re treated to a confident chef’s attempts at making this finicky dish under extreme stress and time constraints — only to folly and get eliminated. When time … Read More

Market Events

Reserve your Spot! Learn how to make Kombucha with Kali, owner of Royals Kombucha Brew House in Chilliwack at our market! This event is open for up to 30 participants. Entry to this event is $25 per person, payment via cash at the door. Please confirm your spot by as “attending” to this event on our Facebook Page. What to … Read More

Our 1 Year Anniversary…Celebrating 36 Years

On Saturday January 19th, you are invited to our 1 Year Anniversary Event at Ralph’s Farm Market. We will be celebrating 36 years in business and 1 year in our new building. At 12:00 p.m., Mayor Jack Froese will be doing the official Ribbon Cutting and Ralph and Elizabeth will be serving cake! Between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. we … Read More

Christmas Arrivals & Staff Sister Highlight

The Fraser Valley Gleaners Did you know Ralph’s Produce donates many of our Okanagan Apples to The Fraser Valley Gleaners? This year alone, they were able to produce 15 million servings to over 25 countries in need! Read below to hear about who they are. Who We Are Fraser Valley Gleaners Society (FVG) was established in 1999 as a registered … Read More