Our Farm

Ralph & Daughter Picking Blueberries - Ralphs Farm Market , Langley BC
Ralph on tractor - Ralphs Farm Market , Langley BC
baby on tractor - Ralphs Farm Market , Langley BC

Ralph Merk, owner of Ralph’s Farm Market, loves to be ‘outstanding’ in his field. His passion came through the dream of a family farm. There’s some Canadian nostalgia in such a dream – handing down the farm from one generation to another.

Being a hard working, innovative handy man, having a natural business sense, as well as a long time friendship with agriculture, farm life became a good fit for Ralph. Alongside his wife and business partner ~ Elizabeth ~ 1989 was the year they purchased a farm in Langley, BC. This 20-acre farm had originally been a 1940s dairy farm. With the help and support of Ralph’s parents, sister & brother-in-law (Murray and Dianne Redekop) the farm has successfully contributed to the vision of RALPH’S Farm Market: To offer a fresh, healthy lifestyle for the surrounding community.

There’s a lot involved in crop farming: planning around the weather forecast, preparing and tilling the soil, planting, fertilizing, cultivating, and harvesting. After the harvest, quality standards ensure that the crops are properly washed, packaged, stored, &/or transported to our Murrayville market.

By 1998 the farm was in full swing, growing herbs, lettuce, green beans, pickling cucumbers, nugget potatoes, and scrumptious, mouth-watering corn have been a RALPH’S staple since 1992.

We continue to take great joy in planting, nurturing and harvesting ground crops – fresh from our fields to your table.

The Orchards - Ralphs Farm Market , Langley BC