In the beginning years

... our Grocery department began with long-time favourite’s, locally-made honey, Summerland Sweets syrup and jams. Since then, our grocery department has grown steadily and immensely, complimenting what we are known for, fresh quality produce. Dianne, Ralph’s sister manages this part of our market. Over the years, our customers would ask Dianne to get in their favourite products and our grocery department has grown ever since then.

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artisanal Groceries

Sourcing local and Canadian products is a priority in our selections at our market. We love working with local brands such as Nora’s Plant Based Ice Cream, Spread ‘Em, Wendel’s True Foods, Tuscan Farms, True North Popcorn, Avalon Dairy, Fresh Is Best and so much more. We love local vendors for a number of reasons. We are supporting our local economy; many are made in small batches giving that homemade taste and feel and each vendor gives its own unique flare!

Imported Groceries

Our imported selections give a taste of the world! Enjoy handpicked selections such as English jams, Greek dinners, Polish mayonnaise, Polish pickles, European condiments, Imported cheeses and butters, Dutch candies, licorices and baked goods, German breads and chocolates, New Zealand chocolates and candies and more. Many of our customers make special trips to our market for these specialty items.


With the move to our new market, we have been blessed with much more space. From one lonely freezer to nearly a dozen, we are able to offer our community many more choices. You can find vegan / plant based groceries throughout our market on our frozen, refrigerated and grocery shelves. While you’re checking out at our tills, have a look at a few vegan favourites like Noble Jerky, Nobo Chocolates and Smart Sweets.


Our passion for gluten free alternatives started in our old market with customer requests due to gluten sensitives. Since then, we have made it part of our mission to offer grocery options that cater to diet sensitivities. A few of our favourite gluten free brands you can find at our market is Wendel’s True Foods, Glutenell, Freeyums, Mary’s Crackers, Tinkyada Pasta, Eve’s Crackers and so much more!

The keto diet

In listening to our customers’ requests, we have sourced some newer brands here at our market that boast a keto label. You can find Whole 30 approved Primal Kitchen dressings that fall under this category, Fatso Butter, Eve’s Crackers, Phat Nutrition drinks, Love Good Fats and many more! Some of these brands are infused with “good for you” ingredients like MTC oil, zero sugar and are high in fat.


Throughout our selections, you can find some groceries that are labelled as certified organic. Enjoy selections from Eden Beans, various pasta sauces, salsas, chips, beverages, crackers, desserts, dairy, snacks and more!

Sugar Free

One of the most often requested grocery items in recent years have been to provide sugar free products. Enjoy Lily’s Chocolates, Nobo Chocolates, Water Drops, Smart Sweets, Vooterman’s Cookies, Phat Tea. We also offer sugar alternatives like Sweet Monk in both liquid and powder form. This replacement is derived from plants and doesn’t have that icky after taste!

low Sodium

Low sodium groceries can be hard to find. Dianne has a few grocery items that boast a low sodium label such as Eden Beans, Eden Spaghetti Sauce, Kettle Chips, Pacific and Imagine Soups.


Our dairy selections have grown in the last year. We have expanded in our cheese selections, yogurts, alternative dairy products, especially vegan and plant-based selections. We support local dairy farmers as much as possible. You can find brands like Avalon Dairy, Tree Island Yogurt, Mt Lehman Cheese, Golden Ears Cheese Crafters and Smit and Co. Riviera Yogurt is a newer selection and has become a quick favourite amongst our customers, both vegan and dairy options are available. We also carry New Zealand as well as local Grassfed Butter!

Did you Know?

That your skin is your body’s largest organ? It is not only important to be conscious of what you put into your body, but what you put on your body as well. Locally made, fresh, real ingredients. That is what we strive for at Ralph’s Farm Market. We are committed to fueling your body with natural, wholesome ingredients. Ralph’s is proud to carry local brands such as Prairie Naturals & Tuscan Farm Gardens. From Revitalizing Shampoos & Conditioners, Handmade Soaps, Lotions, Body Wash, Himalayan Bath Salts, Non-Toxic Deodorant & more…we’ve got you covered!

Natural Household and Beauty

We have small natural home and beauty selection at our market. Every brand is locally produced and is unique in it’s own way. From plant based laundry detergent by Echoclean, shampoo and conditioner bars, I Luv It Natural Deodorant Scrub, Tuscan Farms Soaps, Nellie’s home products and more! You can find this unique collection across from the dairy section.