Who We Are

Ralph's Beginnings

Ralph’s parents – Rudy and Marian Merk – purchased a small Osoyoos cherry orchard in the early 1980’s as they embarked on ‘retirement’. This business opportunity gave Ralph the privilege of working alongside his parents. In 1984, Ralph married Elizabeth and they joyfully rolled up their sleeves to promote fresh BC fruits and vegetables – out of the back of their old, yellow van.

Establishing a more permanent produce location at Granville Island Public Market (Vancouver, BC) took place in 1985. That’s where Ralph's gained the reputation for offering fair prices, good old fashioned family service, and fresh produce from the orchards and fields of the Okanagan. It was with great blessings when Ralph’s sister and brother-in-law (Dianne and Murray Redekop) joined the team in 1987. They brought their twin daughters (Julie and Karen) from Saskatchewan who have grown up to become very hardworking, cheerful members of RALPH’S current staff. With 22 years at Granville Island, becoming experts in the produce industry was firmly rooted.

The Merk’s purchased a family farm in 1989 located in Langley, BC. Meanwhile, Ralph & Elizabeth’s own family has been growing: With a span of 16 years between Jason, Jennifer, Steven, Vanessa, and Sara they all experienced the joys of farm life and have been learning how to ‘bear fruit’ in the family business.

By 1991, produce sales began on a hay wagon. Due to customer loyalty, these country farmer beginnings were replaced with RALPH’S present road-side Murrayville Farm Market. Since opening year-round in 1998, residents from all over the Fraser Valley choose Ralph's as part of their weekly shopping routine.

After nearly 40 years in business, Ralph & Elizabeth have retired from retail, with a focus on Ralph’s Farm and the Okanagan connection. Effective August 2, 2020, we welcome new ownership by Meridian Farm Market. Our name and many offerings will remain the same and grow along with our team’s dedication in serving you.

The relationship with the Meridian Farm Market and Ralph's Farm Market goes back years and years. Josh and his wife, Amanda, his brother Kevin and brother in law, Brody own and operate 7 locations in the Fraser Valley, alongside their devoted team. Similar to Ralph’s Farm Market, Meridian’s family market has been in business for many years, 30 to be exact. Over the years we have worked together, supplying many Meridian Farm Market locations with farm fresh Okanagan produce.

This Fall of 2020, Meridian Farm Market will be adding a signature full-service Meridian butcher shop. Their old-fashion style over-the-counter service of fresh meats & seafood will complement your experience at our market.⁠

Many of our amazing team and family members will continue working together at Ralph’s Farm Market. Our produce will continue to be managed by Murray (Ralph’s brother-in-law), Dianne (Ralph’s sister) will continue connecting you to her latest grocery finds, Sara (Ralph's daughter) will be in our Deli / Bakery ready to serve you, Jason (Ralph's Son) will be working with our Okanagan farmers, connecting you to farm fresh produce and Jenny (Ralph's daughter) will be connecting you to our market online!

“Over the years, our greatest joy has been working alongside our family, committed team and mentors. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them and the support of our amazing community who have grown with us over the years. Many memories will be held dear to our hearts. It seems like yesterday when our children were little and we sold corn and potatoes, from our field, off our seasonal Hay Wagon back in 1992. To watch the way they have worked alongside us, grown and developed their own passions and talents brings joy to our hearts. We are very appreciative to Ralph’s sister and brother in law , Dianne and Murray Redekop who have worked tirelessly beside us. We have valued their passion, loyalty, integrity and tenacity. We are also thankful for Ralph’s parents who have prayed, supported and encouraged us all along the way! We’re grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness to us all. It’s been an amazing journey. Thank you for growing with us as we transition into our next chapter, it has truly been an honour!”

– Ralph & Elizabeth

July 2020

Our Business

We are 100% British Columbian, family-owned and operated. We treat customers, staff and suppliers with honesty, courtesy and integrity. We are friendly, eager to serve and hardworking. We create a positive and supportive work experience for our team.

Our Community

Ralph and Elizabeth raised their family in Langley, we are grateful to the local, surrounding community. Whole-heartedly, we support local growers and producers. We show our gratefulness by giving back to local charities and community organizations.

Our Service

We provide a farm experience, where country meets the city for our surrounding community. We are positively influencing and creating healthier and happier lifestyles, through an uplifting atmosphere and providing the freshest, most delicious and most nutritious produce. We always remain dedicated to the customer experience and are continuously examining ways to improve it. All of our success attributes to our loyal customers, staff and the Lord’s provision over the years.

Our Quality

We always do our best to provide our customers with the highest quality products, in all of our departments – everyday. We maintain our reputation as The Okanagan Connection so that our community is offered the freshest quality fruits and vegetables. We cater to discerning food lovers, who seek healthy choices. This is why we offer a variety of natural, organic and conventional grocery items. We are continually analyzing our specialty offerings to ensure that we are meeting our community’s needs.

Bc Grown

Specializing in BC’s fresh produce, as well as Okanagan’s scrumptious in-season fruit, our family owned & operated business has grown steadily over the years.

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