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Our deli bakery has been a staple at our market over the years. In our new market, our offerings have grown substantially. With more space, more members of our team and so many amazing local vendors, we are really proud of how our selections have grown. Sue is our Deli Bakery Manager; she has been a part of our team for over a decade and is close with Ralph's family. Sue and the team not only bake bread right here at our Bakery, but also source locally produced offerings, which are delivered daily. You can find classics like Abbotsford Rempel Sausage or newer offerings like our Greek House selections, sourced from Kelowna in our deli.

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Our deli meat is sourced from local companies which we work very closely with, Freybe, Grimm’s and JD Turkey. We love Freybe’s salamis, they are cured and dried so nicely they make the perfect start to your chacuterie board or sandwich! Grimm’s offers a wide selection of hams and sausage; you can often find these as a part of our weekly specials. JD Turkey’s farm is just about a 15-minute drive from our market. We carry their specialty smoked turkey, it is a customer favourite for many!


Our in house baked bread has been a long time favourite for our Ralph’s customers over the years. You can find freshly baked breads and buns displayed across from our Deli counter. The ingredients are all locally sourced, the bread is baked fresh every day…you may even find them steaming in their packaging they’re so fresh! Ralph’s specialty cheese buns, cinnamon bread and raisin buns are a highly sought-after choice by our customers and are typically sold out by the end of the day!

In addition to our in house baked products, enjoy regular deliveries from our local vendors. We have many choices, a few of our favourites are Gesendheit bread and Andy’s Specialty German Breads, many grandparents enjoy this line as it reminds them of their childhood.

We also carry Portofino Bread, Buns and Desserts, Artisan’s Bread and Cookies which are perfect for those looking for a clean label, Bread Affair and Oliviera Breads as well, baked fresh in Langley.

A few products that our customers travel far and wide for are Oma’s Poppy Seed Stroudels, our vast variety of La Tortia and Grimm’s wraps. For those with a sensitive diet, enjoy selections by Glutenell and Red Square Cookies.

Deli Brans Ralphs Farm Market - Langley