Market Updates March 2019

It’s Citrus Season

What exactly is a pomelo? What is the best orange to make marmalade with? Watch our Facebook Video as Murray shares about it among all the different citrus fruit we have in at our market! ⁣
Featured in this video is: ⁣

?Pomelo – A grapefruit crossed between a grapefruit & orange!⁣
?Grapefruit – Similar to Pomelo, just on smaller scale.⁣
?Bluejay Navel Orange – We specialize in Bluejay variety, great quality.⁣
?Blood Orange – Very sweet, deep red inside/flesh, almost has a raspberry flavour.⁣
?Lemon & Limes – In their prime right now!⁣
?Seville Orange – “Ugliest” orange, great for marmalade, not for eating on it’s own!⁣
?Cara Cara Orange – Has a pink/red flesh, not as acidic as navel orange, sweet with tang to it.⁣
?Tangelo Minneola Orange – Has a large bump on top, sweet yet tart, kind of like a tangerine. ⁣
?Honey Tangerine Orange – Has seeds, tangy and tart, full of flavour!⁣
?Orri Mandarin Orange – We are able to get mandarins from all parts of the world now to have them available through out the year!⁣

New Arrival: LaVida Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
• 100% Organic
• Vegan
• Fair Trade Chocolate
• Palm Oil-Free
• Gluten-Free
• Soy-Free
The vegan lifestyle is a conscious way of living in which one refrains from the use of animal products in food. Brinkers’ La Vida Vegan is a fine example of a chocolate spread fitting into the vegan way of living.
Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between cocoa- and sugar farmers and manufacturers. It allows consumers to enjoy our products, whilst knowing the farmers obtain fair prices.

New Arrival: Nutmeg Mylk
Hand pressed dairy-free Nut Mylks made with raw, organic and nutrient-rich ingredients. These Nut Mylks are handmade in small batches with extra love poured into every bottle.
Check out the ingredient explanations below on the varieties we carry at our market. Please keep in mind these mylks are free of preservatives and therefore, harness a short shelf life.
The Provence
Our Organic Lavender Honey Mylk is fragrant with a touch of sweetness from Abbotsford Organic Honey. Delicious on it’s own cold or heated up to soothe the soul. We love how Lavender naturally soothes the stomach and skin, calms nerves and helps with stress.
The Indie
Our Organic Turmeric Golden Almond Mylk is delicious, creamy, and oh so healthy! Made with turmeric, bee pollen, honey, cinnamon, black pepper and Himalayan pink salt. Amazing cold or heated up as a turmeric tea latte. We love Turmeric’s long list of health benefits including boosted immune functioning, and acts as an anti-inflammatory, as well as a natural digestive aid!
The Tahiti
Our Organic Vanilla Brazil Almond Mylk is pure, creamy and lightly sweetened with Dates and a touch of Vanilla. Flavours are increased with a dash of Himalayan Salt. Delicious in smoothies, on your favourite cereal. It also makes the perfect companion for your coffee.
The Blue Moon
Our organic Blue Majik Mylk is made with a blend of coconut and cashew mylk, E3 Live, lightly sweetened with maple, cinnamon and vanilla. We love the health benefits of Blue Majik, this superfood a few of our favourites include: Mood and energy boosting, full of antioxidants, boosts immune functioning and is has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is chalked full of vitamins and trace minerals.

Lot’s to taste and try on Saturday
Dutchlicious Food Truck is back again, parked outside of our market from 10am – 6pm.
Enjoy a complimentary taste with Winecrush & Kitchening and Co who will also be here. Come say hi and try Winecrush’s Sea Salt and Wine Powder between 12 pm and 4 pm. Kitchening and Co will be here between 11 am and 3 pm !

What is Winecrush Powder?
Winecrush is a concentrated source of grape skin and grape seed polyphenols. The deep purple Winecrush powder starts with organic pomace, or mushy pulp left over after the red wine grapes from the Okanagan valley have been crushed or wine making (and normally thrown out).
What makes their Sea Salt so Special?
Our Sea Salt is infused with Okanagan wine grapes which gives this salt its bold, aromatic flavors.
Sprinkle Malbec & Herb Sea Salt on grilled peppers & grilled corn to name a few. This salt also makes for a great finishing on, sauté mushrooms & onions. It’s also been highly recommended for a little added flavor in your popcorn.

Staff Highlight!
This week it’s all about Amanda! This busy lady has worked in both our deli bakery and with our customers as a cashier! She’s been with us almost 9 months now.
When we asked Amanda what her favourite part of her day is at Ralph’s she said, “interacting and visiting with customers. I enjoy finding out how their day is going and what they’re up to.”
Amanda’s favourite item here at our market is our Okanagan apples, “there’s just so many, it’s hard to choose a favourite! If I had to choose I’d say the honey crisp apples!”
Amanda looks forward to going back go school to become a teacher or maybe work in the film industry! She’s very creative and has a great eye for detail.
We appreciate you!