Update from our Local Farmers

Update from our Local Farmers We love working with local farmers! ⁠It’s that time of year…our crops are blooming, seeds are sprouting and the harvest is happening. ⁠Not only do we grow our own blueberries and corn just behind our market, we also source fresh local produce from many family run farms in the Fraser Valley. Farm Update: Ralph’s Blueberry … Read More

Local Squash

Pureed winter squash make great soups! It can, also, be added to stews, curries, casseroles, & other hearty dishes. For variety, mix with other vegetables to replace sweet potatoes in most recipes. Your family’s favourite desserts – like pies, muffins, cakes & puddings – can all be include this wonderful vegetable. Acorn Squash Easily substitutes for pumpkin & sweet potatoes … Read More

Market Update // Microgreens, Homemade Soups, Live Lettuce

Jonah’s Microgreens Enjoy our locally sourced from Langley, microgreens! These little shoots are available at our market and make great additions to many dishes. They are edible plants that have not fully matured and are harvested just after the first leaves have sprouted. Not only are they beautiful and taste delicious but they also give 50x more phytonutrients than a … Read More