Ralph’s Weekly Specials

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New Spring Arrival!

For the first time ever at our market, we are now carrying Organic seeds by Pacific Northwest Seeds for your very own “at home garden”!

Aimers Organics is a line by Pacific Northwest Seeds which is
based out of Vernon, BC. This is a 100% Canadian owned and operated, family company. They pride themselves in offering reliable GMO-FREE garden seeds specific to BC’s climate; carrying a wide variety of herb, vegetable and flower seeds at a great value! The Aimers Organics Seed line are all Certified Organic by the Centre for Systems Integration, a division of the Canadian Seed Institute.

More are coming, below is what we have in for now as we add to our selections. You’ll find an easy to use rack full of seeds as listed below.

Bean – Tendergreen 
Bean – Goldenwax 
Bean – Bush Blue Lake 
Bean – Blue Lake Pole FM1 
Beet – Early Wonder 
Beet – Cylindra 
Beet – Chioggia Guardsmark 
Beet – Touchstone Gold 
Broccoli – Green Sprouting 
Carrot – Nantes 
Carrot – Chantenay 
Carrot – Rainbow Blend 
Cabbage – Baby Pak Choi 
Corn – Supersweet 2171 
Cucumber – Wisconsim SMR 
Cucumber – Marketmore 
Cucumber – Homemade Pickles 
Herb – Arugula (Roquette) 
Herb – Sweet Basil 
Herb – Genovese Basil 
Herb – Red Rubin Basil 
Herb – Culinary Blend Basil 
Herb – Cilantro 
Herb – Chives 
Herb – Dill 
Herb – Lavender 
Herb – Oregano 
Herb – Parsley Moss Curled 
Herb – Parsley Plain 
Herb – Sage 
Herb – Thyme 
Kale – Red Russian 
Leek – Musselburg 
Lettuce – Buttercrunch 
Lettuce – Black Simpson 
Lettuce – Red Salad Bowl 
Lettuce – Marveille Four Seasons 
Lettuce – Amish Deer Tongue 
Lettuce – Tom Thumb 
Lettuce – Cos 
Lettuce Greens 
Mesclun Mixture 
Melon – Heart of Gold 
Okra – Clemson 
Onion – Evergreen Bunching 
Pea – Oregon Sugar 
Pea – Laxton Progress 
Pepper – California Wonder 
Pepper – Long Red Cayenne 
Pepper – Jalapeno 
Pumpkin – Big Max 
Pumpkin – Small Sugar 
Radish – Cherry Belle 
Radish – Daikon 
Radish – French Breakfast 
Radish – Sparkler 
Radish – Easter Egg 
Spinach – Bloomsdale 
Squash – Dark Green Zucchini 
Squash – Golden Zucchini 
Squash – Burgess Buttercup 
Squash – Waltham Butternut 
Squash – Table Queen 
Swiss Chard – Fordhook 
Swiss Chard – Rainbow 
Tomato – Beefsteak 
Tomato – Sweetie 
Tomato – Brandywine 
Tomato – Moneymaker 
Tomato – San Marzano 
Watermelon – Sugar Baby 

Market Updates

Taste it this Weekend!

Enjoy a taste of a few new brands at our market, as well as some classic favourites as well.

This Friday, March 22nd between 1pm and 5pm – enjoy a taste of Torill’s Table Pancakes, a new local pancake mix

Join us Saturday March 23rd to enjoy some samples: Little Tucker Snack Balls & Drizzle Flavoured Honey 11am – 5pm

Big Mountain Foods (Vegan crumbles, bites and patties) 12pm – 4pm

Okanagan Little Creek Dressing 12pm – 5pm

New Arrivals!

We are always getting in new arrivals at our market! Some of our latest ones are listed below. Click the name to check out the website for full information:

Save The Date!

Do you love community markets?

It’s no secret supporting local is important to our family. Be amongst the first to hear about our first ever, Love Local Event On Saturday June 1st. We will be hosting this community market supporting over 20 local vendors at Ralph’s. We invite you to come on out and connect with, and shop their local creations.

Confirmed local vendors so far are:
Brand Squawk
Wild Flower Designs
Mason Jar Merchant
Ravens Rest Studios
Birch Street Studios
Canvas Candle Co.
Aloha Kai
Oliver Creations Co.
The Local Space
West Co Co’s Corner
Brookswood Co FarmHouse
Baby Boo Teethers
Rock 2 wrap
Violet + Ruby
CC Crafts
JitterBug Studios
Our Little Soap Co.
TeePees 4 Tots
Kim and Whit
Natures Key Skincare
Sip the World