Preparing Syrup for Canning

Alternative: Use light corn syrups or mild-flavoured honey to replace up to half the table sugar in syrups listed below. Syrups (made from water and sugar) help canned fruits retain flavour, colour and shape. The syrup will not prevent spoilage, however. The new “very light” syrup is much like the natural sugar content of many fruits. For healthier choices, try packing fruits typically packed in heavy syrup with a lighter syrup.


Heat water and sugar together. For raw packs, bring to boil and pour over raw fruits in jars. For hot packs, bring water and sugar to boil, add fruit, reheat to boil, and pour into jars immediately. Cut out the sugar, leave the fresh fruit taste For best quality, select fully ripe but firm fruit. Prepare the fruits as if you were canning with syrup, but use water or unsweetened fruit juice instead. Can fruit in its own juice for best results. However, blends of unsweetened apple, pineapple and white grape juice are also good. Follow the processing recommendations for fruits canned in sugar syrups. If sugar substitutes are desired, can fruit in water and add the sugar substitute when serving as opposed to adding to syrup.