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Enjoy this delicate-looking herb with its minty and lightly lemon flavour. The top side of each leaf is green-grey in colour on top, while the underside is somewhat white. HOW TO CHOOSE  Fresh thyme should have a clean, fresh scent. The leaves should appear energetic green-gray in colour. They should be free from dark spots or yellowing. STORAGE Fresh thyme … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Herbs

Breath in this aromatic herb and be reminded of Thanksgiving dinners! Sage has a strong, spicy, yet sweet savoury flavour, which is also bitter and varies according to the species. It is actually a type of evergreen plant that has narrow, slightly velvety leaves, pale greenish-grey in colour and is grown in many different species. HOW TO CHOOSE  Available year-round, … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Herbs

The wonderful smell of rosemary is often associated with an aroma-filled warm savoury meal. The plant is a small evergreen shrub and is related to mint as part of the Labiatae family. With silvery green, spiky leaves, looking like a small sprig from an evergreen or pine tree, it’s hard not to gravitate to the wonderful pine-like scents and intense … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Herbs

At Ralph’s, you will find the Curly Parsley variety. This inexpensive herb has green, curly leaves and is used as a seasoning in cooking, popular as a garnish, and provides a distinct slightly peppery flavour to salads and sauces. Its mild, yet delicious and vibrant taste and colourful appearance make this herb a must-have in the kitchen for both beginning … Read More


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It’s the flavour of pizza…with a warm, balsamic, and aromatic taste. Easily identified by its oval leaves, purple-ish flowers and pungent scent, the perennial plant is native to the Mediterranean. The Oregano we know & love is the Mediterranean variety with a sweet taste that resembles marjoram and thyme. HOW TO CHOOSE  Locally grown fresh Oregano is available at Ralph’s … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Herbs

This fragrant herb’s scent is lovely to inhale and happens to be a natural breath freshener! With a choice of many minty flavours, the Peppermint has unique greenish-purple spear -shaped leaves while Spearmint has rounder leaves with a grayish green colour. The taste of both provides a blend of pepper and chlorophyll – peppermint being stronger and more pungent. HOW … Read More

Ginger Root

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Ginger Root is the tuber bulb grown beneath the ginger plant with a firm outer brown skin that involves lots of grooves. The flesh can be yellow, white or red in colour, depending upon the variety. You will find both thick and thin skins, the former being from a more mature harvest. This root is a fundamental ingredient for Asian … Read More

Baby Dill

Stigan Antioxidant, Herbs

Dill – the taste of Gramma’s home cooking – especially pickles! As an herb, it belongs to the parsley family of plants. With such lacy, feathery green leaves, Dill is gracefully pretty. Fresh dill licorice-like flavour, with notes of celery and parsley. HOW TO CHOOSE  Fresh dill weed should be fernlike with a deep green colour. Avoid leaves that are … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Herbs

Add a mild, aromatic ethnic flavour to your meals! Cilantro (the seeds of which are called Coriander) is a cooking staple in Mexico, the Caribbean, Thailand, as well as in Asian, where Cilantro is called Chinese Parsley. It is considered both an herb and a spice since both its leaves and its seeds are used as a seasoning condiment. Its … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Herbs

An herb well-known for its long green shoots that are used as a seasoning like a very mild onion. Not surprisingly, they are a member of the Allium family, related to the onion and leek. Chives are a hardy perennial that grows in grassy clumps with cute mauve flower heads. Fresh is definitely best, since shoots should be snipped with … Read More