Orange – Navel

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Whether you juice them or eat them whole, oranges are a nutritious start to your family’s day! A baseball-sized citrus fruit with a tough orange skin containing juicy, segmented flesh. It may have a sweet to slightly bitter taste, depending on the variety. The primary purpose for these sweet varieties of oranges are juicing or eating. Navel oranges are easy to … Read More

Orange – Mandarin

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The Christmas orange! Kids and adults alike look forward to this easy-to peel fruit with a thin yellow-orange to flame-orange loose skin (rind). The mandarin appears small, slightly flattened orange, with the most enjoyable, sweetly aromatic tender flesh, divided into small segments that come apart easily. It is grown on a small, prickly evergreen tree (Citrus reticulata) from southeast Asia. … Read More


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There is both romance and convenience wrapped up in these healthy small rounds. They feature semi-translucent flesh encased by a smooth skin. Some contain edible seeds while others are seedless. Like blueberries, a protective, whitish bloom covers grapes. It’s a type of berry that grows in bunches on vines. Imagine a nicely chilled, deliciously succulent grape fresh off the stem, … Read More


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Remember when your mom fed you a half grapefruit for breakfast or the 1980s Grapefruit Diet? If yes, then you might have memories of this tropical citrus fruit’s slightly bitter taste. Grapefruit is usually about the size of a softball or larger and usually has a yellow skin. It’s the flesh that can fluctuate, depending on the variety, between yellowish-white, … Read More


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It’s the flavour of pizza…with a warm, balsamic, and aromatic taste. Easily identified by its oval leaves, purple-ish flowers and pungent scent, the perennial plant is native to the Mediterranean. The Oregano we know & love is the Mediterranean variety with a sweet taste that resembles marjoram and thyme. HOW TO CHOOSE  Locally grown fresh Oregano is available at Ralph’s … Read More

Summer Squash & Zuchinni

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Yes – you may intrerchange summer squash with zucchini in your recipes…just in case you’re wondering. The biggest difference is that zucchini is the only one Ralph’s Farm Market offers year round. The appearance of all the varied fresh summer squash provides a delightful display of healthy choices. Delicious too! Summer squash differs from their winter elders by their tender … Read More

Peas – Snap & Snow

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Do you remember summers growing up, sitting on the porch shelling peas for dinner? Well that was Garden Peas. Shelling won’t happen when eating Snow or Snap peas. Pod peas are grown to be eaten with both the pod and the pea together. Like all peas, snow and snap peas belong to the legume family. Snap Peas Flat, edible, tender … Read More

Potatoes – Sweet & Yam

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A popular Thanksgiving tradition. However, they are high in beta-carotene and other nutrients, so it`d be a sham to only serve them for one feast! Many North Americans have been confused when naming these tasty tuber vegetables. Oftentimes the root vegetable that is labelled ‘Yam’ is not truly a yam but is a variety of sweet potato. This misunderstanding has … Read More

Onion – Yellow, White

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Also known as ‘mature onions’, they belong to the lily family of plants. This vegetable is grown for its edible bulb, most often performing a supportive role to flavour a variety of other foods. The yellow onion is considered an all-purpose cooking variety. Its papery outside skin is golden brown, while the flesh inside graduates from yellow to white as … Read More

Lettuce – Romaine

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It’s so indispensable that it always seems to be on our shopping list! Beginning your meal with a salad made of crisp romaine lettuce you will add a variety of textures and flavours to your meal, as well as an enormous amount of nutritional value. Remember, the darkest green varieties provide the highest levels of Vitamin A! A form of … Read More