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Aah! Summer fruit – Ralph’s pride and joy! Nectarines are such a refined treat: an elegant flavour combined with a juicy softness and amazing aroma. Ralph goes straight to the South Okanagan/Similkameen regions of BC to bring you the freshest, best tasting locally grown Nectarines possible. Thankfully, the ability to import has extended the time families have to discover the … Read More


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A favourite among school lunches, apples are beautiful, sweet and delicious with its built-in carry case to travel well. Sweet, crisp and juicy, apples have long been a fall favourite of many. Although apples appear in produce markets year round, it’s the cooler days and nights of autumn that signal an earnest start to the apple season from our local … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Early To Mid Summer, Fruits, Glycemic Index, Mid To Late Summer

Nothing says “summer” better than the juice of a fresh peach running down your chin! A round, sweet juicy stone fruit with a soft, fuzzy cream or yellow surface skin flushed with red. Perhaps the most celebrated of BC’s soft fruits is the peach, which has grown in the Okanagan since the 1890s. With all soft fruits thriving in heat, … Read More

Corn On The Cob

Stigan Antioxidant, Early To Mid Summer, Vegetable

Whether you grill it or boil it, the simplicity, and delicious taste of corn on the cob seems to encourage summer and early fall dinner parties. The tall stalks consist of strong stems to support many joints of large ears (husks) growing kernels – hence the cob. Being the most popular, sweet corn is the variety you’ll find at our … Read More


Stigan Early To Mid Summer, Fruits

The apricot is a real peach of a fruit (pun intended). It belongs to the rose family and is closely related to the almond, peach, plum, and cherry. The BC Okanagan valley provides the ideal climate for growing apricots and produces Canada’s entire commercial crop! The arrival of the apricot begins the soft fruit season. This delicate fruit has a … Read More


Stigan Early To Mid Summer, Fruits

Have you ever stained your lips and the fingers with this summertime treat? Every stain is worth the taste of this sharp, sweet, fleshy yet juicy fruit. Their glossy skin ranges from garnet to almost black. These bite sized rounds contain a single stone or pit, which is grown as one of three types: sweet, sour or wild. Van Cherry … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Early To Mid Summer, Fruits, Glycemic Index, Mid To Late Summer

The warmer months have arrived when raspberries are at the peak of harvest. Of course, the best raspberries are BC local, since they can be left on the vine until they reach full ripeness. It’s a small, deep coloured berry, which has a sweet intense yet delicate juicy taste and a pleasant fragrance. This all-time favourite is filled with sweet … Read More


Stigan Early To Mid Summer, Fruits

No convincing is necessary to have your family snacking on blueberries, just like they would popcorn. This is good news since eating theses low in calories, flavourful fruits daily translates into nutritious power! With flavours that range from mildly sweet to tart and tangy, blueberries grow in clusters. The skin’s colour ranges from blue to maroon to purple-black, emphasized by … Read More


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Chicken soup just wouldn’t be the same without them – adding great flavour to the cure-all soup. Interestingly, carrots’ crunchy texture and sweet taste grows underground as a richly coloured orange root. It’s the feathery green leaves that emerge above ground. HOW TO CHOOSE  Although available throughout the year, carrots are locally grown in the summer and fall. Those with … Read More