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Plan to make sweet young turnip a welcome guest at the dinner table any time. With a sweet, delicious flavours root vegetables are higher in sugar than other veggies – a good selling point for children. Usually smaller than rutabagas and have a smooth, white skin with a hint of green. The root’s creamy white flesh is crisp textured and … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Autumn, Superfood, Vegetable

A seasonal vegetable that brightens up the months of October and November with its beautiful orange globes. Pumpkin is a favourite for fall pies, Thanksgiving table settings in the autumn as well as Jack O’ Lanterns for harvest celebrations. It’s a winter squash that cultivates an orange outer skin with a sweet golden inner flesh. The name ‘pumpkin’ has become … Read More


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The pear is to autumn as the strawberry is to summer. A great fruit to start of packing lunches with nutrition & convenience! Pears are sweet and aromatic and ripen to holda sweet juicy meat beneath a soft outer thin skin. Like the apple, the pear is a member of the rose family. The variety of a pear determines the … Read More


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For some reason most cooks do not remember the cranberry’s virtues until fall, mainly at Thanksgiving and Christmas. These berries are splendid, vividly coloured small berries just bursting with nutrition. With their brilliant antioxidant power it’s no wonder they are cousin to blueberries. The cranberry is a round, very tart and tangy, bright red fruit can grow wild as a … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Autumn, Glycemic Index, Superfood, Vegetable

Green Cabbage is round in shape with layers upon layers of leaves. The inner leaves are usually lighter in colour due to being protected from the sunlight. Should be heavy for their size and compact, even-coloured and fresh. As a cruciferous vegetable which is hearty, plentiful and inexpensive, it is well-known for being a dietary staple throughout the world. Red Cabbage is … Read More

Brussel Sprouts

Stigan Antioxidant, Autumn, Vegetable

Looking just like a miniature version of green cabbage they are, in fact, both part of the Brassica family of cruciferous vegetables. These small, dense, compact buds have a delicate, milder, and sweeter than its cabbage cousin, as well as a nutty flavour. HOW TO CHOOSE  Although they are available year round. With being a traditional holiday dish, it makes … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Autumn, Glycemic Index, Superfood, Vegetable

Some parents tell their toddlers that broccoli is trees, with the hidden motive of feeding them with nutrition. Veggie Tales, too, has made this vegetable more fun and approachable. With immune-boosting Vitamin C benefit, it’s great that it is readily accessible, easy to cook, and affordable for your family’s weekly diet. As part of the cabbage, this cruciferous vegetable is … Read More

Beets with Greens

Stigan Antioxidant, Autumn, Superfood, Vegetable

It’s a two for one sale when you bring home beets with the greens attached, since both are edible! The contrast is amazing between the hardy, crunchy, often rough looking exterior of raw beets and the transformation that takes place once cooked, becoming wonderfully soft and buttery. They have a rich, sweet earthiness that delights the palette. HOW TO CHOOSE  … Read More


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A favourite among school lunches, apples are beautiful, sweet and delicious with its built-in carry case to travel well. Sweet, crisp and juicy, apples have long been a fall favourite of many. Although apples appear in produce markets year round, it’s the cooler days and nights of autumn that signal an earnest start to the apple season from our local … Read More