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Remember spitting watermelon seeds as a kid? Well, nowadays this thirst-quenching melon tends to be seedless. It’s no wonder they are such a great treat on a warm day, being over 92% water! In addition, they are easily transportable in their own protective carrying case, which makes them perfect for summertime picnics. We’ve grown up thinking of it as a … Read More


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Who knew the regal pomegranate could become fashionable to the health conscious? In fact it’s the new superfood! Well this exotic fruit has recently become trendy due to its sublime flavour and impressive antioxidant content. Pomegranates are juicy with a tangy-sweet flavour. A colourful fruit, resembling a large orange in size, which has a scarlet red leathery skin enclosing a … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Fruits

Pineapples have a tropical flare in both looks and taste, with exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavour that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. Contains a fibrous yellow flesh with a pine cone-like peel that varies from green, brown, and yellow with a diamond shaped pattern. As you travel to the base of the fruit there is more … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Fruits

Eat one of these & feel like you’re in the tropics! Once considered an exotic fruit, papayas’ have become much more available due to their popularity. This lovely fruit’s shape is spherical, like a pear or avocado, that can grow to a length of 20 inches. The ones you will probably see at Ralph’s, however, will usually measure about 7 … Read More

Orange – Navel

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Whether you juice them or eat them whole, oranges are a nutritious start to your family’s day! A baseball-sized citrus fruit with a tough orange skin containing juicy, segmented flesh. It may have a sweet to slightly bitter taste, depending on the variety. The primary purpose for these sweet varieties of oranges are juicing or eating. Navel oranges are easy to … Read More

Orange – Mandarin

Stigan Antioxidant, Fruits, Glycemic Index, Superfood

The Christmas orange! Kids and adults alike look forward to this easy-to peel fruit with a thin yellow-orange to flame-orange loose skin (rind). The mandarin appears small, slightly flattened orange, with the most enjoyable, sweetly aromatic tender flesh, divided into small segments that come apart easily. It is grown on a small, prickly evergreen tree (Citrus reticulata) from southeast Asia. … Read More


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A slice of lime will make any drink more special! This small, olive green fruit wins the prize for being the most acidic of citrus fruits. And no, limes are not just a smaller version of lemons. Limes have a much more stronger flavour, which makes it a better companion for Thai and Mexican foods, subduing the hot zap of … Read More


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Wow! This tropical fruit is delicious! Beyond North America, 75% of the world is more familiar with mango than the banana or apple. In the ten years, however, the mango has become a tasty friend to most Canadians. The hundreds of mango varieties are all golden to yellow inside, sweet when ripe, and contain a large, oblong pit at the … Read More


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Lemons do more than turn into lemonade! Today we use lemons to disinfect, to clear the air to lighten hair, to preserve, for nutritional value, but mostly as flavoring and to make things taste better and taste cleaner. Yum! Now the taste of summer must be a wedge of lemon freshly squeezed on a BC salmon steak! An oval shaped … Read More


Stigan Antioxidant, Fruits

Fortunately New Zealand has shared this tangy, fuzzy fruit with the rest of the world. One of the kiwi’s great advantages is that it is a great traveler: It not only ripens after harvest, but this ripening process is slow. In addition, its hairy skin provides natural protection against bruising and splitting. It’s oval shape is about 3 inches long … Read More