Healthy Foods

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What’s in season locally?

The fresher the food, the healthier it is for your family. Let’s face it – food just tastes better when it is in season and able to arrive in your kitchen sooner. While many fruits and vegetables are available year-round, BC’s home-grown harvests are at their peak during specific seasons. We’ve prepared a bountiful list of fruits and vegetables you can look forward to each season from neighbouring farmers – particularly from Okanagan , BC and Ralph’s farm.

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Produce Guide

Easy ways to store, prepare & serve the flavours of each season. We’ve assembled a wealth of information about fruits and veggies.

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Food Sensitivities

Everybody is unique and has individual nutritional needs. Although there are general healthy eating guidelines, the recommended foods will not make everyone feel and look healthy. Only a small percentage of people suffer from true clinically diagnosed food allergies, however, many suffer from undiagnosed food sensitivities or intolerances.

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