Are you ever on the hunt for “hard to find” and “unique” vegetables to complete your family recipe? One of our unsuspecting biggest hits is celery root! Formally known as celeriac…we have it here at our Farm Market in Langley! On our Ralph’s Farm Market Facebook page we posted a picture of our celeriac and asked you to guess what … Read More

Recipe: Ralph’s Tomato and Herb Sausages with Spanish Rice

Chilly evenings call for warm comfort food! I love the Tomato and Herb sausages from Ralph’s Farm Market so much I paired them with my Spanish Rice recipe to make this one pot wonder. This recipe is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and can be Vegan without the sausages or substituting with Ralph’s Vegan Field Roast Sausages. The best part? You … Read More

How To: 3 Charctuerie Boards

The Social Board This is a beautiful charcuterie board made the traditional way! Using a variety of crackers, hard cheese, soft cheese, dried fruit, nuts, a variety of unique a tasty grocery items, fresh produce and more. Preparation Step 01: Place 4 small empty bowls (glass, ceramic or stainless steel) randomly on board, staying away from the very edge or corners … Read More

Weekly Market Update

New to the Market: Plantains! Do you know the difference between a banana and a plantain? Many people confuse plantains with bananas. Although they look a lot like green bananas and are a close relative, plantains are very different. They are starchy, not sweet, and they are used as a vegetable in many recipes, especially in Latin America and Africa. … Read More

Market Updates March 2019

It’s Citrus Season What exactly is a pomelo? What is the best orange to make marmalade with? Watch our Facebook Video as Murray shares about it among all the different citrus fruit we have in at our market! ⁣ Featured in this video is: ⁣ ?Pomelo – A grapefruit crossed between a grapefruit & orange!⁣ ?Grapefruit – Similar to Pomelo, … Read More

Market Updates

Recipe: Turmeric Gold Honey Granola TOTAL TIME: 24 mins PREP: 8 mins YIELD: 6 cups Ingredients: 4 cups rolled oats ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup cashews chopped ¼ cup pumpkin seeds Handful dried cranberries 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon 2 tablespoons dried coconut 1⁄3 cup oil (coconut oil works really well) 2⁄3 cup Turmeric Gold Honey 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract Directions: … Read More

Market Update

Will you be my Valentine? This special day is coming up quickly. We’ve shared some of our favourite sweets and gifts here at our market to celebrate! ⁣ B.C. grown tulips are coming back for the season! Red, pink, yellow, orange and more are available at our market for just $2.99/bundle. We also have Flower Bouquets available too!⁣ Cupcakes by … Read More

Vendors Sampling at 1 Year Anniversary Event

We are pleased to announce the attendance of 5 local vendors who will be sharing samples at our 1 Year Anniversary Event! Start by enjoying freshly grilled, locally produced, Stapleton Sausages served by Maria. Then head over to see Veronica of Veronica’s Perogies to pair with your sample of sausage! Yumm, so much local goodness and flavour. Enjoy a warm … Read More

Market Updates

Hear from REEL Mac & Cheese REEL Mac & Cheese along with Dutchlicious Catering will be on location at our market for our 1 Year Anniversary Event! “REEL Mac and cheese offers gourmet, made from scratch macaroni and cheese with a variety of movie themed menu items. We have been in the mobile food biz for over ten years having … Read More