What’s New At Ralph’s Farm Market

Is your family’s school program, sports team or community organization planning a fundraising campaign? We have a simple and profitable program for you.⁠

1. We give back 30% of all proceeds! ⁠
2. Simply collect names, contact info and payment from sponsors on the forms provided online. ⁠
3. Sign up through our website by clicking this link.
4. You sell Ralph’s/Meridian gift cards.⁠
5. You pick up all the gift cards at Ralph’s to distribute.⁠
6. You keep 30% of all proceeds! ⁠

Construction Update

Last weekend, our team got started on the construction of our upcoming Meridian Meats and Seafood Full Service Meat Shoppe coming this Fall inside Ralph’s Farm Market!⁠

If you haven’t been in within the last couple of days, you probably haven’t seen some of the temporary changes yet. Below is what you’ll expect at your next visit:

1. Where our meat counter usually is, we are now working away at a new lay out behind the wooden boards. Something bright and shiny to be unveiled soon!⁠

2. Where our line up queue is, you’ll now see an additional refrigerated case, displaying some of our usual prepackaged meat selections! ⁠

3. Over by the Bakery / Deli, we now temporarily have our prepackaged fresh meat available here!⁠

Any questions? Let us know! We are so excited to serve you from behind the counter soon. ⁠

Meet Our New Store Manager

Meet Bryn! She is our new Store Manager here at Ralph’s Farm Market.

Bryn has been in the fresh food industry since she was 18 years old! She was born in Vancouver and raised in the Fraser Valley. She loves painting with acrylics, following her mother’s artistic footsteps. ⁠

Bryn’s favourite outdoor activity is paddle boarding…she’s searching for a paddle board of her own, if you have any leads, let us know! They’re hard to find this time of year. ⁠

Her favourite recipe is creating layered bowls! The base being rice or noodles, a salad mix and proteins to top it off! Her favourite protein is crab cakes from Meridian Meats & Seafood…it’ll be available here at our market very soon! ⁠

Welcome to the team Bryn, we’re so glad to have you!