From One Family To Another

Our family has an announcement to share with our community. After nearly 40 years in business, Ralph & Elizabeth are retiring from retail, with a focus on Ralph’s Farm and the Okanagan connection. This August, we welcome new ownership by Meridian Farm Market. Our name and many offerings will remain the same and grow along with our team’s dedication in serving you.

Our relationship with the Meridian Farm Market team goes back years and years. Josh and his wife, Amanda, his brother Kevin and brother in law, Brody own and operate their 7 locations in the Fraser Valley, alongside their devoted team. Similar to Ralph’s Farm Market, Meridian’s family market has been in business for many years, 30 to be exact. Over the years we have worked together, supplying many of their locations with farm fresh Okanagan produce. Josh and his family have always admired Ralph Farm Market over the years. Many of our offerings and commitment to serving our community very much align. In the coming months, Meridian Farm Market will be adding a signature full-service Meridian butcher shop. Their old-fashion style over-the-counter service of fresh meats & seafood will complement your experience at our market.⁠ We look forward to their trusted leadership in serving you. ⁠

Many of our amazing team and family members will continue working together at Ralph’s Farm Market. Our produce will continue to be managed by Murray (Ralph’s brother-in-law), Dianne (Ralph’s sister) will continue connecting you to her latest grocery finds, Sara (our daughter) will be in our Deli / Bakery ready to serve you, Jason (our Son) will be working with our Okanagan farmers, connecting you to farm fresh produce and Jenny (our daughter) will be here, connecting you to our market online!

“Over the years, our greatest joy has been working alongside our family, committed team and mentors. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them and the support of our amazing community who have grown with us over the years. Many memories will be held dear to our hearts. It seems like yesterday when our children were little and we sold corn and potatoes, from our field, off our seasonal Hay Wagon back in 1992. To watch the way they have worked alongside us, grown and developed their own passions and talents brings joy to our hearts. We are very appreciative to Ralph’s sister and brother in law , Dianne and Murray Redekop who have worked tirelessly beside us. We have valued their passion, loyalty, integrity and tenacity. We are also thankful for Ralph’s parents who have prayed, supported and encouraged us all along the way! We’re grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness to us all. It’s been an amazing journey. Thank you for growing with us as we transition into our next chapter, it has truly been an honour!”

– Ralph & Elizabeth