Update from our Local Farmers

Update from our Local Farmers

We love working with local farmers! ⁠It’s that time of year…our crops are blooming, seeds are sprouting and the harvest is happening. ⁠Not only do we grow our own blueberries and corn just behind our market, we also source fresh local produce from many family run farms in the Fraser Valley.

Farm Update: Ralph’s Blueberry Field

Here’s a shot from our Blueberry field, just behind our market. Ralph captured this photo himself while he was tending to the fields last week. We recently got a few bee hives and the bees have been working hard on their pollination process. Our Blueberry bushes are boasting beautiful blooms which will turn into blueberries in the next month or two!!

Farm Update: Farmer George in Cloverdale

Sent to us yesterday morning, here is a current update from Farmer George’s field in Cloverdale. We are looking forward to local lettuce, which will be ready soon! A few greens he is currently growing in his field are…Head Lettuce, Taiwan Cabbage, Green, Red and Romaine Lettuce, Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sui Choy, Green Leeks, Kohlrabi…and a lot more!

Farm Update: O’Bella Farms

O’Bella Farms in Langley has been supplying our market with regularly harvested & fresh deliveries of scrumptious rhubarb! This is a family owned farm right here in Langley. The whole family is part of the process!⁠ The farm was named after the owner’s two daughters’ names put together.