Are you ever on the hunt for “hard to find” and “unique” vegetables to complete your family recipe? One of our unsuspecting biggest hits is celery root! Formally known as celeriac…we have it here at our Farm Market in Langley!

On our Ralph’s Farm Market Facebook page we posted a picture of our celeriac and asked you to guess what it is and if you use it share how you use it at home. We loved reading your guesses and input on what this is and how you use it.

Below are some of our customers answers:

“Celery Root! It’s the main ingredient for our traditional German (with a thai twist) Christmas Goose/Duck marinade and gravy. It was my favourite meal growing up and still is.served with red cabbage and potatoes. So excited you are carrying it!”

– Elke. K

“It’s great roasted also ,dice it up ,add olive oil ,sea salt ,pepper ,paprika,sweet or hot ,after it’s done you can toss with a 2tbsp maple syrup.”

– Sandy. B

“Celeriac – cook it, puree it, and serve it under any fish or beef or pork roasts. It is amazing.”

– Neill. S

“It’s a celery. In Switzerland we use it as a salad.Peale the outside off , shredded into a dressing made of , mayonnaise little lemon juice, pepper, salt, parsley. Or you can use instead mayonnaise , Quark with a little cream, or creek yogurt . Also can put into the celery salad , pineapples , or apples sliced, or even orange Mandarine. You can really get creative with it. Even we make open sandwich in Switzerland ?? It’s delicious and healthy.”

– Maggie. K