Market Update // Microgreens, Homemade Soups, Live Lettuce

Jonah’s Microgreens
Enjoy our locally sourced from Langley, microgreens! These little shoots are available at our market and make great additions to many dishes. They are edible plants that have not fully matured and are harvested just after the first leaves have sprouted. Not only are they beautiful and taste delicious but they also give 50x more phytonutrients than a mature broccoli head.

A Unique Lettuce Experience
Grown clean, no pesticides, all year round. Thriiv Living Lettuce is alive until the moment you’re ready to eat it. Whether you store your Thriiv lettuce in the fridge, or keep it watered on your counter or windowsill, it will continue to grow for weeks.

Simply cut off the roots and add your favourite dressings to enjoy. Since this lettuce is packaged in whole head, single servings, you aren’t wasting any part of the plant! Thriiv Living Lettuce is grown locally and packaged fresh in a CubicFarm.

The soupetc! Brand represents generations of cherished family recipes from around the globe. It’s like all the Grandmas in the world got together & shared their very best recipes!

Their foods are natural & free of preservatives. Made mindfully in small batches in East Vancouver, they cook with the best available ingredients. Their foods are created with working families in mind; just like their own!

Logan turns 1!
This Thanksgiving weekend, our family got together and celebrated Logan’s 1st Birthday! Logan is Murray and Dianne’s 3rd grandson…son to Karen and Nathan Boldt. You may remember Karen from our Deli Bakery in our “old” market. She was the manager of this department before she took an “early retirement,” moving up North with her husband. This family of 3 has settled in Kamloops and are in the Fraser Valley often to visit. We enjoy Karen’s visits to our market with Logan as we get to watch him grow and get the latest updates. He is very smiley and overall a happy little guy! Can you tell he loved his cake smash!?