Happy Birthday to the “3 Muskateers”

August 22nd has been a very special day in our family over the last 31 years. We celebrate 3 birthdays! Murray & Dianne’s twin daughters, Julie & Karen, as well as Ralph & Elizabeth’s son – Jason, exactly 1 year apart. “The 3 Muskateers” grew up on the farm together, only a short few foot steps away from each other. Together, from a young age, the treo has been apart of the family business from picking potatoes & corn, weeding, washing to working at the market & farm. Jason now manages our Okanagan connection with Ralph & Elizabeth, Karen grew to our Deli/Bakery Manager & Julie our Veggie display extraordinaire! In the last year, you’ll find Karen up North in Fort St. John with her husband, Nathan expecting her first child. Julie, mother of 3 residing in Aldergrove with her husband, 2 little boys, Jackson and Jared – and new born, Penelope. Welcome to your 30’s Jason…& Happy 31st Birthday to Julie and Karen ?