Locally Grown Goji Berries have arrived at Ralph’s Farm Market in Langley!

Goji berries (also referred to as wolfberry) are bright red-orange narrow sphere-like fruit that have a sweet-sour taste similar to a grape, or even a tomato. They are also known as the “happy berry”, full of many health benefits. Goji berries, a superfood well known in China, is now available at Ralph’s Farm Market. With only one grower here in British Columbia we are able to provide you with locally grown goodness fresh from the field!
Traditionally, goji berries are used in Chinese “tonic” soups, as well as in teas, and other dishes. Some studies have indicated this “superfood” could help boost immunity, and help to improve urinary tract health. They’re also full of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and E. Recently, they have become a more trendy food item, with some celebrities popularizing their consumption.
These little gems are versatile, and can easily be encorporated in many recipes and dishes. Toss some fresh goji berries into a salad, muddle them and add them to lemonade, or incorporate them into smoothies; there are several ways to use goji berries in every day cooking and eating. For recipe ideas check out their website at: http://gojoy.ca/goji-recipes/.