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Picnics, BBQ’s & Campfires

As part of this week’s specials, we enjoy market baked Biroche Hot Dog Buns, Freybe European Weiners, Hengstenberg Sauerkraut, as well as Resers’ assorted Potato & Macaroni Salads.

Sounds like the start to your next outdoor BBQ or Campfire this Spring! Here’s some other great options to pair for the ultimate outdoor campfire meal:

  • Make your own S’mores featuring Celebration Chocolate Crackers + Jet Puffed Marshmallows
  • Ralph’s Burger Patties
  • Ralph’s Apple Juice
  • Twisted Cowboy Old Fashioned Beef Jerky
  • Caesar Salad featuring Local Romaine Lettuce paired with our Caesar Original Salad Kits with real bacon…just add lettuce!
  • Hardbite Chips (p.s. they’re coming out with a couple of new flavours this week!!)
  • Mini Watermelon
  • Fresh Local Strawberries
  • Galette Pies served with Krause Berry Farms Ice Cream
  • Silly Cow Hot Chocolate

local strawberries for dessert

They’re here! Local strawberries have arrived at our market. Grown locally in the Fraser Valley, delivered fresh to our market.

We like to enjoy them as a simple dessert by pairing them with these sponge cakes and topped with vanilla ice cream!

Did you know there are different varieties of strawberries through out the year? These ones are an “Albion Strawberry.”⁣ They’re known for their conical shape, bright red color, reliable firmness, and delicious sweet taste.⁣

freshly pressed apple juice

It’s that time of year again! Enjoy Ralph’s Pure Apple Juice, made with local Okanagan Apples, pressed right here in the Fraser Valley.

This delicious juice is simply pressed apples, nothing else has been added!

Many of our customers have enjoyed this fresh, pure juice for years and years.

new: Old Fashioned Beef Jerky

Handcrafted in the Cariboo, this Old Fashioned Beef Jerky is an added selection we are proud to have here at our market.

Clean ingredients including, beef, water, salt, cane sugar, liquid soybeans (Braggs liquidaminos), lemon juice, spices, garlic, sodium erythrobate, sodium nitrite and natural wood smoke.

Find them on top of our meat case over at the Meat Shoppe!

Sugar selections + alternatives

We have more than traditional sugar here at our market. We offer many unique alternatives and replacements including sugars sweetened with monk fruit and stevia.

One brand in particular we would like to highlight today are the selections by Swerve – The Ultimate Sugar Replacement. 

Swerve is made from ingredients found in select fruits and starchy root vegetables, and contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavours. It’s zero-calorie, non-glycemic and safe for those living with diabetes, since it has no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels.

Swerve is a true sugar replacement because it’s sweet and delicious! Unlike other natural sweeteners like stevia, it has no aftertaste and measures just like sugar. It’s also the only sugar replacement of its kind that browns and caramelizes just like sugar, so all of your favourite recipes will be a breeze.

organic vegan chocolate caramels

These chocolate caramels here a family favourite!! They are a delicious quality chocolate…and they’re vegan too.

Dianne, our Grocery Manager has had a hard time ordering these chocolates in. She was told we may not be able to get them again for a long time. Enjoy while quantities last.

local produce

Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Warba Nugget Potatoes
Bell Peppers
Live Microgreens
A variety of Okanagan Apples
Alfalfa Sprouts
Pea Shoots
Red and Yellow Potatoes
Wheat Grass